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Have you seen the guy in the yellow T-shirt with the pie charts around town? Thatís us!

We are a grassroots, non-profit, non-partisan citizens movement that supports the principle of proportional representation. We want the BC legislature to reflect the popular vote.

We've been active on the Sunshine Coast since early last spring, raising awareness about the referendum regarding electoral reform in BC.

Why change to a Proportional Representative system?

There is lots of well researched evidence that supports making a change to a ProRep voting system.

... and a website for checking out the facts regarding information from the opponents.

... and a link to why our current system does not serve us well.

Regarding the referendum, Attorney General Eby has promised the following:

As well, AG Eby has promised that there will be another referendum after two election cycles to ask if we want to change back, so, really, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Ballots will be in the mail in a few weeks and we encourage voters to support change. Your ballot must be mailed back to Victoria before Nov 30.

To make sure you are registered and that your address is correct go to:

Other info:
Our FaceBook page: @fairvoteSC
Fair Vote BC Twitter account: @fairvotebc
Fair Vote BC Website: (info here re: the ballot, the 3 systems on the ballot, ... and more)

To arrange for a speaker at an event, meeting, tea party in your home, whatever, ... send us an email:
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